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German Shepherds are more than just a hobby for us, they have become as a lifestyle. The aim is to offer all our dogs as  individuals the kind of life  German Shepherds need and are titled to.    

Our kennel breeds working line German Shepherds, maximum one litter per year. We are situated in Southern part of Finland, in Finnish countryside with our own kennelbuilding and training field. 

As a couple we train protection (SchH). Ismo is a licenced helper and a breeder for Finnish German Shepherd Association and trains the helper students regularly, joining the Spring and Summer camps as a trainer and having his own group training around the year, inside from October until April and open air the rest of the year. Ismo got his licence as a helper in year 1999,  first litter was born year 2000.

Ismo got his first German Shepherd 1993 and since the day he has always had his life fullfilled with this breed. 

Laura  fell in love with German Shepherd at the age of five at her daycare place where two German Shepherds, Cinda and Dixi were taking care of the Mansion. Always having dogs around at home She finally got her first own German Shepherd in 1995.

We hope that our small output for the breed will increase the quality even a small bit and will help to keep German Shepherds as they were ment to be; Dog wich is Brave, Spirited, Able and Willing to work in all conditions and has a healthy stucture. We do not breed only outlooks. German Shepherd is a dog with huge mental power and a big Heart, we do our best to try to keep it that way. 

Breeding Ideology                                         

Our breeding ideology is based on the original definition of German Shepherd as a breed. Our aim is to achieve dogs wich are capable for both sport and work as it comes to their structure and mental capacity. These both go hand in hand when it comes to working qualities of German Shepherd. Qualities what we admire in German Shepherd are; toughness, courage, willness to fight, good nerves together with capability to function in different situations.

Our dogs have a preliminary health check-up done at the age of 6-8 months, including the x-rays of the bone structure as whole. That way we have a good knowledge of the litter's health at the early stage of life. Good structure is the base for any dog to function in any means. Official x-rays are taken by the time dogs are about 1.5 years. We prefer to use Dr.Kari Ventelä to both take and to judge the taken x-rays. 

Mental capacity of the dogs are judged when one takes part to the SchH trial. We do honor a dog which has a strong aggression, full and strong bite together with good nerves. SchH trials and the road to get  there gives an idea what the dog's true character is beneath all.

Judging at SchH trials and the qualities which are esteemed have been under a changing process during past years. Excellent technical performance is required more and more which then leads to the fact that rougher dogmaterial often does not exist among the best "point dogs". This type of a material in German Shepherds is anyhow extremely valuable asset to the breeder and the type we are looking for both in Finland and abroad.

Criteria mentioned above sets the standard high and makes the breeding work challenging. We do hope that our dogs fullfill the expectations set to them and follow the original defination of German shepherd. We breed in the first place to increase the quality not the quantity and to keep GSDs also in the future as a working dog!


                                                                        -Ismo & Laura-